Alignerco vs. Byte – Which At-Home Aligner System Offers the Best Performance?

AlignerCo vs. Byte: In Depth Teeth Straightening Comparison

Are your teeth crooked? If your smile is ruining your self-confidence, it’s time to make a change. At-home teeth alignment services offer you the chance to fix your teeth at an affordable cost.

In this review, we look at Alignerco vs Byte, two of the leading at-home aligner brands. Which company offers the best performance and value for your money?

What is Alignerco?

If you decide to start with Alignerco, you’re benefitting from the best pricing for any at-home system. Alignerco offers you a one-off purchase price of $1,145.

If you apply the promo code “SAVE150,” you can save a further $150 off your treatment, bringing the price down to $995. That’s less than half the Byte-at-Night system's cost and a considerable saving over the regular Byte daytime system.

Alignerco also offers you an impression kit for $39.99, and you get free retainers and aligners included in your treatment package. If you want to take it on credit, you can finance with Affirm for $90 per month for 11-months. However, Affirm does a credit check on you, and it can affect your credit score.

Alternately, you can finance through You can take your treatment for $275 down and 11-monthly payments of $95. There’s no credit check required for this financing option.

Alignerco also has a nighttime option, available for a cash price of $1,195. Or you can take it on credit for $109 for 11-months with Affirm, or $345 down, and $95 for 11-months with

Alignerco Pros and Cons


  • The most affordable at-home aligner system.

  • Monitoring by your orthodontist during the treatment.


  • No HyperByte device included.

  • Byte Protection Plan included with financing deals.

What is Byte?

Byte is the more expensive option. With Byte, you get two systems, the daytime, and the “Byte-at-Night.” The daytime system retails for a one-off price of $1,895. You have the option of financing your treatment for a $349 downpayment with 29-Monthly payments of $83. With the 7.76% APR, this works out to a total cost of $2,763 for your treatment. The Byte-at-Night system retails for a cash price of $2,295. However, you also have the option of financing for $399 down and 29-monthly payments of $99. With the 7.76% APR applied, you’re paying $3,336 in total.

Financing the Byte or Byte-at-Night systems gets you the Byte Protection Plan included with your purchase. BPP gives you free retainers and replacements for 5-years after finishing your treatment. As menti0oned, they come free with your treatment, with a value of $649 and $779 for the Byte-at-Night BPP.

The Byte and Byte-at-night systems include the HyperByte device, retainers, and free teeth whitening included with your purchase.

Byte Pros and Cons


  • HyperByte device fast-tracks your treatment time.

  • Byte Protection Plan included with financing deals.


  • More expensive than Alignerco.

How Does At-Home Teeth Alignment Work for Byte and AlignerCo?

Both Alignerco and Byte require you to purchase an impression kit to start your process. You use the impression kit to mold your teeth and send it to the Byte or Alignerco dental team for assessment.

If approved for treatment, you’ll receive your aligners at home six weeks later and start. During the treatment period, you follow your custom plan designed by real orthodontists. You switch between aligners at the discretion of your program or your doctor's advice.

By the time you finish your aligners, you have straight teeth. You’ll wear a retainer at night for up to two years after completing your treatment.

Is Byte right for me?

Byte aligners are the best choice for independent individuals that can handle the process of remote dental care. You'll receive access to the Byte dental team during your treatment and interact with them through your Byte account on your laptop or mobile device.

However, there's no option for a face-to-face meeting with the Byte team. Some people can handle that, while others need to interactive experience e with their treatment.

Since Byte is less than half the Invisalign treatment cost, it's a great option for people previously priced out of the treatment.

Now, Byte offers you the same orthodontic experience and results as Invisalign, at less than half of what you pay with the orthodontic treatment.

Since you're not visiting an orthodontist's office, you don't have the expense of in-office consultations, not to mention the gas and time it takes to drive to their office.

Alignerco vs Byte: What’s the Difference?

The primary differences between Alignerco and Byte are in the treatment and pricing. Both companies offer you retainers and teeth whitening included with your purchase.

However, with Byte, your get the innovative “HyperByte” device included with your treatment. The HyperByte helps you seat the aligner trays to your teeth. The device emits low-level sonic pulses that shift your teeth, giving the aligner a tight fit. As a result, your treatment time is around 10% to 15% faster with Byte.

Byte also includes aftercare with your treatment. You’ll check in with the Byte dental team every 30 to 90-days for an assessment of your progress. In contrast, Alignerco doesn’t offer you any follow-up consultations. You stick to the treatment plan provided with your aligner kit.

Alignerco vs Byte – The Verdict

Alignerco is by far the low-cost leader in at-home smile correction. However, just because something is the cheapest doesn’t mean it’s the best choice. If we have to choose between Alignerco and Byte, we’re going with Byte.

Byte and Alignerco produce the same results, and both have a nighttime system. So, why go with Byte over Alignerco? The reality is the HyperByte device from Byte is a gamechanger. This device makes it worth spending the extra couple of hundred dollars for the Byte system.

The HyperByte accelerates your treatment time, fixing your smile in 20% less time than the Alignerco system. Considering you can get your insurance to pay for over 50% of the treatment costs, we think Byte is the winner.

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