Best Nighttime Clear Aligners: Compare Best Teeth Straightening Options for Your Sleep

Do you want to straighten your teeth but don’t want to wear braces or daytime aligners? Nighttime aligner systems offer you the solution.

This post looks at the best nighttime clear aligners for straightening your teeth.

What are Nighttime Clear Aligners?

Nighttime aligners feature design and construction with clear plastic. You wear them for between 10 to 14-hours at night, and you don’t have to wear them during the day.

You get around 24 sets of aligners included with your treatment. You’ll progress through each aligner in the series, swapping them out every four to six weeks. After 12 to 18-months, you have straight teeth.

Professional orthodontists manufacture your aligners, but you get minimal follow-up and aftercare with your purchase. It’s for this reason that at-home aligners offer you the most affordable means of straightening your teeth.

What are the Best Nighttime Clear Aligners?

Byte Nighttime Aligners

Founded in 2017 by Scott Cohen, Byte sold to Dentsply Sirona Inc in 2020 for $1.04-billion. The company is one of the up-and-coming brands in the at-home aligner space. In 2020, it also formed a partnership with teeth whitening brand Snow to expand its network, offering, and client base.

Byte offers you the Byte-at-Night aligner system. The company is most famous for its “HyperByte” device that accelerates your treatment time.

Smile Direct Club Night Aligners

Founded in 204 by Alex Fenkell and Jordan Katzman, SDC is the leading name in at-home aligners. Its nighttime system is the same aligner system as the daytime version. The company has more than 1-million satisfied smiles around the globe.


Candid is the closest aligner experience to visiting the orthodontist’s office for Invisalign. You get an innovative scanning device included with your treatment and access to a dedicated orthodontist for checkups.

The Best Nighttime Clear Aligners – What Do They Cost?


Byte offers you the mid-range pricing of the three companies. You get your aligners for a one-off price of $2,295. You also have the option of taking your aligner treatment on credit with Byte’s in-house financing team.

Financing your Byte-at-night requires you to make a $449 downpayment and 29-monthly payments of $99. This deal works out to a total treatment cost of $3,336, with a 7.76% APR. Byte includes the cost of the HyperByte device and BPP with your treatment.

Smile Direct Club

Smile Direct Club offers you Nighttime aligners for $1,950. There is no difference in the cost of the night and daytime system with SDC. However, if the doctor decides you need a few extra aligners, you’re going to pay a few hundred dollars more, depending on your custom treatment plan.

SDC also offers you a financing of your aligners. You can take them on credit for $249 down and $89 per month for 24-months.


Candid is the most expensive of the three options, with the upfront cost of the Candid aligner system being $2,400. You can finance it for as low as $79 per month. Candid offers you the same price for daytime and nighttime aligners because they use the same system.

Pros and Cons For the Best Nighttime Clear Aligners

Byte Pros

  • HyperByte device included for faster treatment times.
  • Less expensive than Candid.
  • Faster results than Candid and SDC.
  • Byte Protection Plan covers retainers for five years.

Byte Cons

  • No options for free scanning of your teeth.
  • More expensive than SDC.
  • Teeth whitening not as good as SDC.

Smile Direct Club Pros

  • Less expensive than Byte-at-Night and Candid.
  • Free teeth whitening included.
  • Specialized nighttime treatment.
  • Free scanning of teeth at Smile Shops.

Smile Direct Club Cons

  • No HyperByte device included.
  • Treatments times are not as fast as Byte.
  • Only one set of retainers with your purchase.

Candid Pros

  • Orthodontist-directed treatment.
  • Unique scanning tool included.
  • Free scanning of teeth at Candid Studios.

Candid Cons

  • More expensive than Byte and SDC.
  • No dedicated nighttime aligner system.
  • No HyperByte device

Best Nighttime Clear Aligners: Our Pick

When it comes to deciding on the best nighttime aligners, we have to go with Byte-at-Night. This aligner system offers you the fastest treatment times, thanks to the innovative HyperByte device included with your treatment.

Candid and Smile Direct Club are both good options. However, candid doesn’t offer specialized nighttime aligners, and they frown on you, leaving them out during the day. SDCs nighttime aligner system is a good runner-up choice, but it doesn’t include a HyperByte or similar device in its treatment.

Byte is the mid-tier price range of the three, with Candid being around $100 more and SDC saving you about $150 on your nighttime treatment. However, with Byte, you get the Byte Protection Plan (BPP) included with your treatment costs. BPP gives you access to free retainers and replacements for five years.

Overall, we think that Byte offers the best technology, a great price point, and excellent results.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Byte so much more affordable compared to Invisalign?

A: Invisalign is so expensive due to all the visits to the orthodontist. Each visit to the doctor costs you a consultation fee. With Byte aligners, you don’t even have to visit the orthodontist. As a result, you remove these costs from your treatment. At-home aligners like Byte can end up saving you around 70% of the costs of Invisalign.

Does Byte offer daytime aligners?

Yes, Byte offers daytime aligners. You also get free retainers included with your purchase through the Byte Protection Plan. Byte also includes free teeth whitening with your treatment. Byte-at-Night aligners offer users a shorter wear time during the day, with proven results. They are the ideal solution for anyone that can’t use aligners during the day due to professional or social reasons.

Does Byte work with my insurance or HSA/FSA accounts?

Yes, Byte will work with most health insurers and dental plans. Byte offers you a concierge service where they check with your insurer to see if you qualify and negotiate the treatment copayment on your behalf. Byte makes it convenient for anyone to receive the aligners they need to straighten their smile. You also have the option of using your HSA/FSA account or debit card.

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