Byte At Night Reviews: In-Depth Aligner Perspective

Do you wish there was an affordable way to straighten your teeth? Everyone deserves a beautiful smile, and Byte can help you achieve your dream.

Byte aligners gently push your teeth into a straight position, providing the same effect as traditional orthodontic systems like Invisalign.

However, some people can't wear aligners during the day. Whatever the reason that's preventing you from a daytime aligner treatment, you have an alternative that's every bit as good as the daytime aligner system.

Our Byte at Night Review unpacks the offer from this leading at-home teledentistry company.

We highly recommend Byte At Night

Byte At Night is the perfect option for those with professional jobs that want a nighttime focused treatment 

byte at night clear aligners


  • At-home smile correction without the need to visit the dentist or orthodontist.
  • Guaranteed results.
  • Average treatment times half that of SmileDirectClub.
  • Aligners feature laser-trimmed BPA-free materials.
  • Financing available, with no credit check.
  • Byte Protection Plan included with financing options.
  • Access to a teledentistry network with more than 200 dental professionals on call.
  • The HyperByte device comes included for faster treatment times than competitors


  • Doctor approval required for nighttime wear.
  • More expensive than the daytime aligner system.
  • 7.76% APR on financing options.

Our Byte At Night Review:

Byte-at-Night is the ideal nighttime aligner solution for people that can't wear aligners during the day.

The system might be more expensive than the daytime version, but you get faster results than other leading at-home nighttime aligner brands.

The addition of the HyperByte device to your treatment fast-tracks your smile correction, and the Byte Protection Plan ensures your smile remains perfect for the rest of your life.

Overall, Byte-at-Night is an effective at-home nighttime aligner solution. Comparing the cost and the value of the Byte-at-Night solution, we think it's the best nighttime aligner system available.

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What Is Byte?

Byte is a teledentistry service focusing on straightening your smile. The company offers a remote treatment and care model where you never have to visit an orthodontist's office for treatment.

Typically, aligner systems like Invisalign require fitment in your orthodontist's chair. Your doctor monitors the fitment process and your progress, and you return to their offices to replace your aligner with a new one every few weeks. After four to six months, you have a straight smile.

However, the costs associated with visiting the orthodontist mount up throughout your treatment. As a result, patients can end up spending up to $8,000 on their Invisalign treatment.

Byte realized there was a need for top-quality orthodontic aligners in the at-home treatment market. With the success of SmileDirectClub and other leading brands, Byte entered the market, becoming an instant hit with users.

Byte stands out from the competition thanks to its reasonable offer and the unique HyperByte device. The HyperByte emits sonic pulses through the aligner during the fitment process.

As a result, the aligner gets a secure, tight fit, speeding up your treatment time. Byte also offers its nighttime solution to complement its range.

With the Byte-at-Night aligner system, you get aligners, the HyperByte device, and free whitening spray included in your package.

How Does Byte-at-Night Work?

If you want to start with Byte-at-Night, you'll need to order the impression kit off the company website for $95. The kit comes with instructions and everything you need to take impressions of your teeth.

Mail the impressions back to the Byte dental team using the enclosed mail-stamped box that comes with your impression kit.

The Byte dental team examines your impressions to see if you're a suitable candidate for the treatment. If approved, you'll make your payment, and the byte team design and build your aligners.

Byte ships your aligners, HyperByte device, and whitening spray directly to your home. Setup your account, and start with the first aligner in the series.

You'll check in each week with the Byte Dental Team to examine your progress. You move onto the next aligner in the series when your treatment team approves it.

With Byte-at-night, you never have to set foot in an orthodontist's office. All treatment is remote-based, and you handle all appointments and consultations through your Byte account.

Who Is Byte-at-Night For?

Byte-at-Night is the ideal aligner solution for people that want to straighten their teeth but can't wear aligners during the day for professional reasons.

For instance, if you're in sales and need to talk to clients, taking your aligners in and out between meetings is a hassle.

With Byte-at-night, you get a nighttime solution that keeps your teeth free during the day. You'll wear the aligners for up to 10-hours at night. Slip your aligners in as you leave work, and keep them in until the following morning when you arrive at the office.

The only time you need to take your aligners out at night is when you have your evening meal and brush your teeth.

Byte-at-Night Reviews – Byte at Night Vs Day Aligners

There is a significant price difference between the Byte-at-Night system and the Byte daytime aligners. The daytime version requires you to wear your aligners for 22-hours each day.

As a result, your treatment time varies between three to four months, depending on the work required to straighten your teeth.

With the Byte-at-Night system, you only have to wear your aligners for 10-hours at night. Therefore, the treatment time takes between five to six months.

However, that's half the time of using the SmileDirectClub nighttime solution, thanks to the HyperByte device fast-tracking your results.

The nighttime aligners feature a thinner material than the daytime version, allowing for a comfortable fit.

All aligners come with laser-trimmed edges to ensure a comfortable fit and no chaffing on your cheeks during use.

What Does Byte at Night Cost?

Byte-at-Night is the most expensive Nighttime aligner solution. However, we think it's worth the money. When ordering your Byte-at-Night aligner system, you have options for a once-off payment of $2,295.

However, if you want to take the aligners on credit, you have the option of in-house financing. Byte guarantees approval of your financing, and there's no credit check.

The financing option lets you take the Byte-at-Night system for a $449 downpayment and 29-monthly installments of $99.

When you take the financing option, you get the Byte Protection Plan included with your purchase, with a $779 value.

The Byte Protection Plan guarantees your smile of five years after purchase. You also get free replacement retainers if you lose or break yours during the five years.

If you finance the Byte-at-Night treatment plan, it comes with a 7.76% APR on your financing. Therefore, the total cost of the treatment works out to $3,336.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Byte actually work?

Yes, according to Byte nighttime aligners review and before-and-after photos, Byte really works. View the results of hundreds of satisfied clients on the company's official website.  The company has a 4.7-star rating on Trustpilot, and the site has thousands of five-star Google reviews from verified users.  

How much does Byte-at-Night cost?

Byte-at-Night aligners are more expensive than the day time solution. With Byte-at-night, you get more aligners than the daytime version and the Byte Protection Plan (BPP) included with your purchase.  Compared to other leading systems, it's more expensive, but you get faster results than leading at-home nighttime aligner brands like SmileDirectClub.

Are nighttime aligners safe?

Yes, nighttime aligners are entirely safe to use while you're sleeping. Byte trims down the nighttime aligners to ensure you get as comfortable a fit as possible.  Byte aligners feature design and construction with plastics that aid the fitment process and don't damage your teeth or gums during fitment and removal.

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