Byte At Night vs All Day Aligners: Which Teeth Straightening Option is Best?

So, you decided to straighten your teeth? Congratulations! You're a few months away from the perfect smile you deserve.

There are dozens of company's offering at-home smile treatments. However, when choosing the best at-home dental correction service, we recommend going with Byte.

Byte is a newcomer to the at-home smile correction market and making waves using innovative technology and fast treatment times.

This review looks at Byte at Night vs day aligners to determine the best treatment option to straighten your teeth.

Byte at Night vs Byte All Day Comparison

We recommend Byte-at-Night as the best aligner solution available. With accelerated treatment times, thanks to the HyperByte device, you get results in half the time of industry leaders like SmileDirectClub.

The Byte-at-Night system is more expensive than other options like SDC. However, we feel the fast-tracking of your treatment is worth the extra money.

Byte-at-Night aligners offer a comfortable fitment, and the BPA-free specialist plastics used in the aligners won't damage your teeth or gums.

Adding the whitening foam for your aligner allows you to brighten your teeth while you straighten them.

Overall, the Byte-at-Night system provides excellent results, with fast treatment times and outstanding results. Check out the results page on the official website to see the stories of successful clients.

With thousands of 5-star Google reviews and a 4.7-star rating on Trustpilot, Byte-at-Night is the market leader in at-home, nighttime aligner treatments.

Choosing between the daytime or nighttime solution requires you to examine your lifestyle habits, your career, and your timeframe.

Most people can't wear aligners for 22-hours a day, and the Byte-at-Night system provides an excellent alternative that keeps your teeth free during the day.

Overall Rating:
4/5 stars


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How Can Byte Help Me Straighten My Smile?

Byte is a newcomer to the at-home teeth-straightening market, founded in 2017 by Dom Hoffman, one of Vine's co-founders.

The company focuses on servicing the at-home teledentistry market with a product aimed at correcting your smile. If you have minor issues involving the gapping or crowding of your teeth, Byte can help.

Typically, if you wanted to straighten your teeth in the past, you needed to visit an orthodontist. However, orthodontist treatments are expensive, and many people can't afford them.

Byte presents you with an affordable teeth-straightening system, and you never need to set foot in an orthodontist's office.

To start with Byte, you order the impression kit from the company website. When it arrives, take impressions of your teeth, and send the molds back to the Byte dental team using the enclosed return box.

The Byte team analyzes your impressions to see if you qualify for the treatment. If approved, you choose your daytime or nighttime aligner system, and Byte mails you them directly to your door.

You'll work with the remote dentistry team during your treatment. The doctors tell you when to progress to the next aligner in the series, and after a few months, you have perfectly straight teeth.

Byte At Night vs All Day Aligners – What's the Difference?

Byte offers you two options for teeth straightening. You have the daytime aligners or the Byte-at-Night system. According to Byte and Byte at Night before and after reviews, both methods work at straightening your smile.

However, with the Byte daytime aligners, you'll wear them for 22-hours each day, and with the Byte-at-Night system, you wear your aligner for 10-hours at night.

Choose the right system to match your lifestyle needs. Let's look at which system suits your teeth straightening requirements.

Who Is Byte All Day Aligners Good For?

If you work from home or at a desk job where you don't need to speak to many people during the day, the Byte daytime system is the ideal choice.

With the Byte daytime aligners, you'll need to wear them for 22-hours each day. The daytime system provides the fastest results, correcting your smile in as little as three to four months.

Who Is Byte Byte-at-Night Aligners Good For?

According to Byte at Night reviews, the nighttime solution is every bit as effective as the daytime aligners. However, you'll wear the aligner for 10-hours a day, freeing up your teeth during the day.

If you're a salesperson, you're talking to clients and colleagues throughout the workday. Having to take your aligner out to speak to clients is frustrating and ruins your treatment plan.

With the Byte-at-Night system, you don't have to worry about interacting with people during the day. The shorter daily treatment time takes around four to five months to complete your treatment with the Byte-at-Night system.

Byte at Night vs Day Aligners: What is the Price Difference?

There is a significant price difference between the Byte-at-Night and the daytime aligner system.

The daytime aligner system comes with a one-off cost of $1,895. You also have the option of taking it on credit with the in-house Byte financing team. You'll make a downpayment of $349, with 29-monthly payments of $83.

The financing option comes with no credit check, but you'll pay a 7.76% APR on your outstanding amount. Therefore, the total cost of financing the day time treatment is $2,763.

The Byte-at-Night system comes with a price tag of $2,295 once-off. You also have the option of financing the deal with a $449 downpayment and 29-monthly installments of $99. With the 7.76% APR included in the financing, your treatment's total cost works out to $3,336.

Both systems come with the HyperByte device included in your treatment package. However, if you finance the Byte-at-night plan, you'll receive Byte Protection Plan (BPP) included in your purchase.

The BPP gives you coverage for your smile for five years and free replacement aligners if you lose or break them. This additional $776 value comes included in the financing costs.

Byte also works with FSA/HSA accounts and insurance companies. If your insurance company contributes to procedures using the D:8090 code, you could save up to 75% on your treatment costs.

Byte At-Night Aligner Pros and Cons


  • 10-hour wearing time
  • The best choice for salespeople and service agents
  • Financing available with Byte Protection Plan included


  • Longer treatment times
  • More expensive than the daytime version
  • Requires 10-minutes of HyperByte use during treatment

Byte All-Day Aligner Pros and Cons


  • Faster treatment times than the nighttime solution
  • Only 5-minutes of HyperByte use is required each day
  • More affordable than Byte-at-Night


  • You have to wear the aligners for 22-hours each day

Frequently Asked Questions

Are nighttime aligners as effective as daytime treatment?

Yes, the Byte-at-Night system is as effective as the standard daytime aligners. Treatment times take around two-months longer due to wearing the aligners for fewer hours during the day.  However, Byte guarantees your results, and you'll have a straight smile in five to six months using Byte-at-Night.

How is Byte at Night different from Byte all day aligners?

The Byte-at-Night system has a slightly thinner material used in the aligner manufacturing process. Both types come with laser-trimmed edges to improve comfort during use.  With the Byte-at-Night system, you'll use your HyperByte device for 10-minutes during the fitment process instead of the 5-minutes with the standard system.

How long do I need to wear Byte At Night aligners?

Byte recommends you wear the Byte-at-Night aligners for 10-hours each day. The best option is to slip them in as you leave work and take them out the following morning when you arrive back at the office. Using this strategy, you'll only take your aligners out to eat and brush your teeth.

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