Byte Nighttime Aligners Reviews – Is Byte-at-Night Worth the Extra Money?

Byte Nighttime Aligners Reviews: In-Depth Perspective for Night Teeth Straightening

Are you looking into straightening your teeth? Does the thought of wearing braces or aligners during the day freak you out? Fortunately, there’s a solution to this issue.

The “Byte-at-Night” aligner system is ideal for anyone that doesn’t want to wear aligners during the day. Our Byte nighttime aligners reviews unpack everything you need to know about this revolutionary DIY teeth alignment system.

Byte Nighttime Aligners Reviews: What Is Byte-at-Night?

Founded by Scott Cohen in 2017, Byte started selling aligners in 2019. The company was a smash hit, recently expanding into the Australian and UK markets. Due to its success, Dentsply Sirona acquired the company in early 2020 for $1.04-billion.

Byte offers consumers two options for straightening their teeth. You have the standard daytime option or the Byte-at-Night system. Byte-at-Night lets you get all the benefits of aligners without the need to wear them during the day.

Conventional orthodontics like braces can cause self-confidence issues in people. However, clear aligners provide a see-through system that keeps the metal out of your mouth. With Byte, you get all the benefits of braces without the need for permanent fixtures on your teeth.

However, some people can’t wear aligners or braces during the day. If you’re a teenager, the last thing you need is your aligner getting in the way of you talking to someone new. If you work in sales, you know how important it is to speak unencumbered with your clients.

Clear aligners give you the orthodontic solution you need to straighten your teeth without wearing any aligners during the day.

How Does Byte-at-Night Work?

If you want to start with Byte-at-Night, you’ll need to order your impression kit online. After it arrives, follow the instructions to take a mold of your teeth. You’ll mail your impressions back to the Byte dental team and receive approval on your treatment in a few days.

After receiving approval, you make your payment or finance your treatment. Byte gets to work with building your aligners, and you’ll have them at your doorstep in six weeks.

Byte includes a custom treatment plan with your aligners, and you’ll follow it as you progress through your treatment. Every 30 to 90-days, you consult with the Byte dental team through its teledentistry platform.

The dental technician reviews your progress, telling you when it's time to switch to the next aligner in the series. You’ll wear your aligners for eight to 14-hours each night, using the HyperByte device to seat the trays properly against your teeth.

After finishing your treatment, Byte provides you with teeth whitening to brighten your new smile. You’ll also have to wear the retainers included with your treatment at night for up to two years. The retainers keep your teeth in the new position, preventing them from shifting back to the old position.

How Is Byte-at-Night Different to the Daytime Aligners?

The Byte-at-Night system is different from the daytime system. With Byte-at-Night, you only wear your aligners for eight to 14-hours a day. As a result, your teeth don’t have anything holding back your speech during the day. It’s the ideal system for salespeople and teens that talk to people during the day.

With the Byte-at-Night system, you get all the advantages of the daytime system, but you don’t need to wear your aligners during the day.  

Is Byte right for me?

Byte aligners are the best choice for independent individuals that can handle the process of remote dental care. You'll receive access to the Byte dental team during your treatment and interact with them through your Byte account on your laptop or mobile device.

However, there's no option for a face-to-face meeting with the Byte team. Some people can handle that, while others need to interactive experience e with their treatment.

Since Byte is less than half the Invisalign treatment cost, it's a great option for people previously priced out of the treatment.

Now, Byte offers you the same orthodontic experience and results as Invisalign, at less than half of what you pay with the orthodontic treatment.

Since you're not visiting an orthodontist's office, you don't have the expense of in-office consultations, not to mention the gas and time it takes to drive to their office.

What Does Byte-at-Night Cost?

If you want to start with the Byte-at-Night treatment, you’ll need to order an impression kit for $95. After approval of your treatment, you’ll need to make a one-off pa6yment of $2,295. You also have the option of financing your treatment for $449 down and 29-Monthly payments of $99.

Unfortunately, Byte charges a 7.76% APR on its financing deal. However, you get free teeth whitening, retainers, and the HyperByte device included with your purchase. When you finance your Byte-at-Night, you also get the Byte Protection Plan (BPP) at a value of $776.

The BPP covers the cost of your retainers and replacements for five years from your treatment date. Byte doesn’t run a credit check on you when you apply for financing, and they guarantee your approval.

Pros and Cons of Byte-at-Night


  • At-home treatment, no trips to the orthodontist.

  • 75% less expensive compared to Invisalign.

  • Insurance contributes to the cost of your treatment.

  • HyperByte device fast-tracks treatment times.

  • Free teeth whitening included.

  • In-house financing with no credit check.

  • Works as well as braces or Invisalign.


  • Limited orthodontic follow-up.

  • More expensive than other at-home aligner brands.

Byte Nighttime Aligners Reviews: The Verdict

If you’re looking for the best at-home nighttime aligner system, we recommend going with “Byte-at-Night.” Byte-at-Night is the only brand offering the HyperByte device. Treatment times are important, and the HyperByte gets you a straight smile 10% to 15% faster than other leading brands like Smile Direct Club and Alignerco.

The Byte Protection Plan covers you for retainers for five years from your treatment date, and you get free teeth whitening included with your purchase. Sure, there are more affordable options than Byte-at-Night. However, they can’t hold a candle to its performance.

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