Byte vs. Braces: Best Teeth Aligner Treatments Compared

Do you need to straighten your teeth? Typically, you would have to go to the orthodontists for evaluation and fitment of braces to set your teeth in the right position. However, over the last five years, we’ve seen the introduction of at-home teeth straighten services.

Byte is one of the leading at-home aligner systems designed to straighten your teeth. You get all the advantages of braces without the steep cost involved with the treatment.

This review looks at the difference between Byte vs braces. We’ll give you all the information you need to choose the right system for straightening your smile.

Byte vs Braces: What Is Byte?

Founded in 2017 by Scott Cohen, Byte released its aligner system in 2019. Thanks to an affordable treatment cost and the inclusion of the HyperByte technology, the system is a smash hit.

With these at-home aligners, you get all the advantages of braces at half the cost. Byte is one of the leaders in the at-home aligner space, with a superior offering to other market leaders like Smile Direct Club and Candid.

Byte vs Braces – Why Choose Byte Over Braces?

Byte is the better choice for straightening your teeth. The issue with braces is that they are a permanent fixture to your teeth. As a result, you have to wear them 24-hours a day. Some people in sales or customer service might find that wearing braces detracts from their first impression they make with clients.

With the Byte-at-Night system, these individuals can remove their aligners during the day. As a result, you don’t get any reduction in your speech or salivation when speaking to people or customers. Why kill your confidence with braces when you can get the same results with Byte without the embarrassment of wearing braces?

Byte is also the more affordable choice. Braces cost a fortune because you have to return to your orthodontist’s office every few weeks for a checkup and adjustment. These consultation fees form the bulk of your treatment costs.

Byte vs Braces: What Do Braces Cost?

According to research by, braces can cost anywhere between $5,000 to $6,000, depending on your treatment requirements. People with severe dental issues might end up spending as much as $10,000.

Byte vs Braces: What Does Byte Cost?

Byte is significantly more affordable than braces. With Byte, you have the option of choosing the daytime or Byte-at-Night systems to match your lifestyle.

The daytime aligners cost you $1,895 for a once-off payment. However, you can apply for credit on your treatment with Bytes in-house financing option. You’ll pay a $349 down payment, with 29-monthly payments of $83.

The Byte-at-Night aligners cost $2,295, but you have the option of financing it with $449 down and 29-monthly payments of $99. Byte doesn’t conduct a credit check if you apply for financing.

With Byte, you get your aligners, HyperByte device, retainers, and teeth whitening included with your treatment cost. You’ll also need to pay $95 for your impression kit.

The Byte-at-Night treatment also includes the Byte Protection Plan, giving you free retainer replacements.

Byte vs Braces: How Do I Start With Byte?

Starting with Byte is easy. Order your impression kit online, and take a mold of your mouth when the kit arrives. Send your impressions back to the Byte team using the return box included with your impression kit.

If you qualify for treatment, the Byte team notify you to make your payment for your preferred aligner system. Make your payment or apply for financing, and you’ll receive your aligners in four to six weeks.

Byte vs Braces: How Does Byte Work?

Byte is an at-home teeth aligner system. Therefore, you never have to visit an orthodontist. You follow a guided online treatment program created by professional orthodontists.

You’ll progress through a series of up to 24-aligners during your treatment, with each aligner designed to adjust your teeth into a new position. After your finish with the last aligner, you have perfectly straight teeth.

According to Byte reviews, you get a faster treatment time than braces. The inclusion of the innovative HyperByte device helps you seat the aligners to your teeth, providing a snug fit that fast-tracks your treatment time.

What are the Pros and Cons of Byte Vs Braces?

Braces Pros

  • Orthodontist-directed treatment.

Braces Cons

  • Permanent fixture to your teeth.
  • Looks ugly.
  • Requires adjustment by your orthodontist.
  • Expensive compared to Byte.

Byte Pros

  • Less than half the price of braces.
  • No trips to the orthodontist.
  • In-house financing of your treatment with no credit check.
  • HyperByte device fast-tracks treatment time.
  • Day and nighttime systems available.

Byte Cons

  • No direct orthodontist follow-up.

Byte vs Braces: Our Recommendation

When settling on the right choice for your teeth alignment, choose the system that meets your needs. If you feel you need orthodontic support during your treatment, Invisalign is the better choice.

However, if you’re comfortable skipping the trips to the orthodontist, Byte is certainly the better option. Byte is more affordable than Invisalign, and you get faster treatment results thanks to the HyperByte device.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Byte better than Invisalign?  

Invisalign is the only orthodontist-approved smile correction system. However, Byte performs as well, if not better, than Invisalign. The innovative HyperByte device helps you fast-track your treatment time, getting your result in three to four months, which is up to 50% faster than Invisalign.

How much is Byte braces?

Byte offers you two systems to suit your lifestyle and smile correction needs. If you can wear your aligners during the day, the daytime system costs $1,895. If you can’t wear aligners during the day due to work, the Byte-at-Night system costs $2,295. Both options are available on financing, with no credit check.

Is Byte better than braces?

Byte is the better choice for braces. Braces are unattractive and a permanent fixture to your teeth. Braces are also double to triple the cost of the Byte or Byte-at-Night aligner systems. Byte gives you all the advantages of braces for correcting your smile without the hassle of visiting the orthodontist’s office for checkups.

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