Byte vs Candid vs Smile Direct Club: Detailed Teeth Aligner Kit Comparison

byte vs candid vs smile direct

Today’s clear aligner companies are built around a direct-to-consumer business model.  Customers purchase an impression kit and have it shipped to their home.  By simply following a few instructions and shipping their impression back to the company, at-home patients can have clear aligners sent to them in a matter of weeks.

The main reason we wanted to create a Byte vs Smile Direct Club vs Candid review is to compare today’s top 3 clear aligner companies.  There are several similarities between them, but the differences determine which company you decide to use.

However, clear aligners were not always convenient or as accessible as they are today.  Invisalign was developed in 1997 and was one of the first options that was an alternative to traditional braces.  Invisalign today is still beneficial for extreme circumstances of teeth misalignment.  Customers looking for a mild to moderate fix can eliminate in-office visits and do everything from home using the at-home impression kits provided by Byte and Smile Direct Club.

Byte is our #1 recommendation for at-home teeth aligner kits

Byte's main advantage over Candid and Smile Direct Club is the short average treatment time of ~4 months given by its unique HyperByte technology.  HyperByte uses high frequency vibrations to move your teeth over time.  

The company also uses BPA free materials for its product construction and and you have access to customer support specialists through email or phone.  

Byte is offering a limited time special of 80% off and $100 off the treatment plan for its aligners.  

Get the at-home impression kit for only $17.95 with the Limited Time Special Offer!

byte at night clear aligners

Our reviews team found that Byte was the preferred at-home teeth aligner treatment based on review criteria such price, alignment effectiveness, impression kit order process, and customer support. 

Across these factors we gave Byte an overall score of 4.8 out 5.     

How do Invisible Braces Work?

Twenty-first century technology has helped speed up clear aligner treatments.  Each company has built unique aligners to create small amounts of pressure and force on your teeth.  The domino effect continues down through the sockets, roots, and jaw, so the teeth can begin to move.  The process is so slight, at-home patients only feel minor discomfort through the treatment. 

To move, the periodontal ligament (PDL) needs to be stretched.  The PDL keeps teeth in place in their sockets.  Clear aligners move your teeth to stretch the PDL and create new bone cells.  These cells have two functions: one breaks down the bone on the opposite side of the ligament.  This side stays compressed (no stretching).  The second creates the new bone cells allowing room for the teeth to move.

This process repeats every time you use a new set of aligners.  It takes time for the ligament, gums, and tissue to adjust to the movement.  One of the many reasons why aligners are worn for 1 to 3 weeks at a time.

Comparing Byte Reviews, Smile Direct Club Reviews, and Candid Reviews

There are thousands of reviews for these three companies.  The goal is to find the real information based on positive or negative similarities.  For instance, several Smile Direct Club reviews complain about their remote monitoring.  It is slow, and at times difficult to setup a review with one of their dentists or orthodontists.

A common problem with Candid is website navigation.  Users find it difficult to find helpful information, because the front page is not where the main site’s navigation bars are found.  You must click on their name at the top of the page to reach everything else.  Without knowledge of the website, users would not know.

Byte scores a 4.7 out of 5 stars.  The .3 having issues were primarily on delivery after impression kits were sent back to the company.  However, Byte’s staff was extremely responsive in these cases.  Most of the issues had to do with Covid-19 slowing down the delivery process.

best clear aligners


smile direct club

Smile Direct Club



Release Date




Best Feature

HyperByte Technology

An attachment used to send vibrations to your aligners 5 minutes a day.  The result is faster treatment plans.

Member Community

You can chat with other members who have completed treatment.  They offer advice and tips on best practices.

All Orthodontists


There is a difference between dentists, doctors, and orthodontists.  All members of their treatment plan team are orthodontists.

Treatment Plan completion time

2 to 4 months 

6-month average

6-month average

Payment Plan

$1,895 one-time payment or $349 down + $83 per month for 29 months through BytePay.  Also accept dental insurance, HSA, FSA, CareCredit, and Affirm to minimize overall cost.

$1,950 one-time payment or $250 down + $89 per month for 24 months.   Also accepts dental insurance, HSA, FSA, and CareCredit

$2,400 one-time payment or $399 down and $99 per month for 24 months.  Also accepts dental insurance, HSA, FSA.  If your insurance provider offers coverage on remote treatments it can be billed with code D8090.

Starter/Impression Kit Pricing

$95 – Typically holds a special to get started at $17.95 and free shipping

Normally $59, but have specials for $29 and free shipping

$95, but $30 during specials and free shipping


Byte vs Smile Direct Club vs Candid

Smile Direct Club and Candid offer all their aligners in one box.  Byte requires you to use a set of aligners for 1 to 3 weeks before shipping the next set out.  On the surface this looks like a negative mark against Byte.  However, they believe it eliminates possible misuse.

Patients tend to think when their aligners feel loose it means the treatment is complete.  Instead of contacting the clear aligner company they move to the next set of aligners.  It is possible this can have a negative effect on the outcome.  Depending on the severity of your issue, each set of aligners should be worn 1 to 3 weeks.

Byte sets itself apart with the HyperByte technology. Small vibrations at a fast rate for 5 minutes a day shortens treatment times.  Other companies might use attachments to speed up their plans, but they still only offer 6-month averages.

Candid only uses orthodontists.  When your treatment plan is developed, there is only one orthodontist working on it.  During the remote monitoring process, the same orthodontist watches your progress.  They are with you for the entire treatment plan.  Smile Direct Club has orthodontists, but the remote monitoring process is different.

Patients will speak with dentists and doctors during the remote monitoring.  If they cannot answer your questions, the information is forwarded to an orthodontist.  You could end up waiting for 1-2 weeks before receiving an answer.  It is one of Smile Direct Club’s lowest marks.

Byte’s remote monitoring is exceptional.  While they do use dentists and doctors, most of them have years of experience in clear aligner therapy.  In addition, you can request to only speak with an orthodontist and it only takes 24-48 hours to set up a remote appointment.  In some cases; same day.  Their website has Byte before and after photos to see completed plans.

How to Order and Purchase from Byte

  1. Join the Byte website
  2. Purchase an at-home impression kit
  3. Create molds of your teeth at home
  4. Use the pre-paid shipping to return them to Byte.
  5. A specialized orthodontist will create a treatment plan and wait for your approval.
  6. Purchase your plan through one-time payment or one of the many financing options.
  7. Your clear aligners are shipped to your home.
  8. Wear them 20-22 hours per day and utilize Byte’s extensive remote monitoring.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Byte better than Candid?

Yes.  While both companies offer at-home service, Candid’s remote monitoring is brand new and untested.  Byte is considered to have the best remote monitoring out of all the at-home clear aligner companies.  In addition, the HyperByte technology Byte uses cuts treatment times in half.

Is Byte better than Smile Direct?

Yes.  Even though Smile Direct Club has been around a few years longer, Byte has surpassed SDC’s benefits.  Byte also offers BrightByte foam to cleanse your aligners, whiten teeth, and freshen breath all at once.  Smile Direct only offers a whitener.

Is Candid or Smile Direct Better?

We think Byte is still your best option.  Both companies provide your treatment plan’s aligners all at once.  However, Candid’s customer service is very responsive when compared to Smile Direct.  Patients need immediate answers to questions.  Smile Direct’s customer service was good in the beginning but has fallen off in recent years.

Byte is our #1 recommendation for at-home teeth aligner kits

We like Byte's industry leading average treatment time of 2-4 months and its unique HyperByte technology.  

Byte is offering a limited time special of 80% off and $100 off the treatment plan for its aligners.  

Get the at-home impression kit for only $17.95 with the Limited Time Special Discount!

5/5 (1 Review)

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