Candid Studio Reviews – Is Candid the Best At-Home Clear Aligner System?

Candid Studio Reviews: Is This the Holy Grail for Teeth Straightening?

Do you have a crooked smile? Your teeth are one of the most visible components of your facial features. If you flash someone a crooked smile, it might set a negative first impression on the person. It's time to claim back your self-confidence with Candid Studio.

Our Candid Studio reviews look at the offering from this leading at-home aligner brand. Is Candid as effective as braces? How much can your save with Candid over going to the orthodontist?

Our review unpacks everything you need to know about these two orthodontic solutions for straightening your smile.

What Is Candid Studio?

Candid Studio is a new revolution in the at-home aligner market. Why go for antiquated orthodontics like braces when you can get the same results at less than a third of the price? Candid offers you an orthodontist-managed teeth-straightening experience that produces the same results as braces or Invisalign.

Candid uses technology to ensure you get the best possible aftercare during your treatment. However, there are no trips to the doctor's office and no outlandishly expensive consultations. With Candid, you save thousands on straightening your teeth, thanks to missing out on all the consulting fees.

With Candid, you order your aligners through the Candid Studio, and they'll call you in to collect or ship them to your door. After receiving your aligners, you start with the first one in the box. You'll transition to the next aligner in the series at the direction of your orthodontist.

Average treatment times for Candid are between six to 12-months. By the time you finish your last aligner, your teeth are straight. You'll use the retainers included with your treatment to hold your smile in position over the next year or two.

What Separates Candid from the Competition?

Candid stands out from the competition, thanks to its approach to remote teledentistry. With Candid, you get the best level of aftercare during your treatment. Unlike other aligner companies, Candid only works with real orthodontists. Other companies like SDC use a team of dentists and orthodontists to manage your treatment.

With Candid, you get a unique scanning tool included with your treatment. You attach the scanner to your cellphone and open your Candid app. The app gives you on-screen prompts for scanning your teeth, sending the data to your doctor.

As a result of Candid's extensive follow-up, people have less risk of developing gum infections during the treatment. Your orthodontist tells you when to move from one aligner to the next, and you'll follow their guidance through your remote consultations.

What Does Candid Cost?

If you want to start with Candid, you'll need to either order an impression kit online for $20 or visit a Candid Studio for your assessment of your teeth. The Candid Studio saves you money, and the consultant can show you a 3D model of what your teeth will look like after completing the treatment.

If approved for treatment, you'll need to make payment for your aligners. Candid offers you a one-off price for its treatment of $2,400. However, it's common for them to provide special discounts of $200 around the holidays during the year.

You also have the option of taking your Candid system on credit. Candid's in-house financing will approve you with no credit check. You'll need to make a $399 downpayment, with 24-monthly payments of $99.

Candid is the most expensive at-home aligner system. The level of professional orthodontic aftercare is almost on par with Invisalign, ensuring you get the best treatment possible.

Pros and Cons of Candid Studio


  • Candid Studio offers you free scanning of your teeth.

  • Candid Studio offers you custom treatment plans.

  • Candid is the best at-home aligner system for orthodontic support.

  • Innovative scanning tool for checkups.

  • Retainers come included with your treatment.

  • Free teeth whitening included.

  • Innovative scanning tool included.


  • More expensive than other at-home aligner brands.

  • We feel there could be more Candid Studio locations.

Candid Studio Reviews – The Verdict

Candid is the closest at-home aligner brand to Invisalign. With the Candid experience, you're conducting virtual assessments online with your orthodontist. The scanning tool provides your doctor with the same data the orthodontist receives by x-raying and scanning your teeth. As a result, you get a near-orthodontic experience for less than half the price of Invisalign.

Overall, Candid offers you the best follow-up and aftercare of any at-home aligner brand. Candid might be the most expensive option in the at-home aligner market, but it's still a great deal compared to traditional orthodontics like braces and Invisalign.

The Candid Studio offers you free assessments, something that costs hundreds of dollars at your orthodontist. Overall, Candid is for people that want the benefits and convenience of straightening their teeth at home but still want an orthodontist guiding the treatment.

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