Are Clear Aligners Effective?

Are Clear Aligners Effective? Are They Better Than Braces?

Do you need to straighten your teeth? If you have minor issues involving gapping, crowding, or misalignment, clear aligners offer you the best option for straightening your teeth.

Are clear aligners effective? With clear aligners, you get an orthodontic-approved system that works as well as conventional solutions like braces.

However, there are several advantages of choosing clear aligners over braces. This post gives you everything you need to know about clear aligners and the right orthodontic treatment for your new smile.

How Do Clear Aligners Work?

Clear aligners come in two options. Invisalign is the only orthodontist-approved system. As a result, you receive assessment and fitment for these clear aligners in your orthodontist's office. The orthodontist x-rays your mouth and teeth, and they may even take a CT scan to create a 3D model of your teeth.

They'll order your aligners and fit them for you in the chair at their office. You'll return to the doctor every month to 90-days during your treatment period. Your doctor analyzes your progress during your consultations, swapping you to the next aligner in the series as they see fit.

With at-home systems, you take a DIY approach to your treatment. You'll order an impression kit online or visit a retail location for a scan of your teeth. After sending your molds or scan data to the dental team, the company doctors decide if you're a fit for the treatment.

If you qualify, the company ships your aligners to your door, along with a custom treatment plan. You follow the program, and when you finish your aligners, you have a straight smile. The difference between at-home aligners vs. Invisalign is the attention you receive in follow-up.

Are Clear Aligners Effective for Straightening My Smile?

Yes, clear aligners are every bit as effective at fixing your smile as traditional orthodontics like braces. Braces are the go-to option for all orthodontists when straightening your teeth. However, clear aligners offer an alternative where you don't have to have metal permanently stuck to your teeth.

All clear aligners, even at-home brands, use real orthodontists to design your aligners. When you order your aligners, you'll receive a set of between seven to 26-aligners, depending on the system you choose. You'll wear these aligners for up to 22-hours a day, providing your teeth with the same benefits as braces. You'll swap the aligner out every 30 to 90-days at the discretion of your doctor or treatment plan.

According to user reviews from leading brands like Invisalign, Smile Direct Club, Byte, and Alignerco – Clear aligners work. There are thousands of people talking about clear aligners online and their success with straightening their smiles using these DIY systems.

What Do Verified User Reviews Say about Clear Aligners?

Invisalign, the world's leading clear aligner system, has more than 4-million satisfied clients. Established at-home aligner brands like Smile Direct Club have more than 1-million positive testimonials from verified users. Even newer brands like Alignerco – the most affordable option, have a 4.9-star rating on Trustpilot.

Byte Teeth Alignment Option

Byte aligners are the best choice for independent individuals that can handle the process of remote dental care. You'll receive access to the Byte dental team during your treatment and interact with them through your Byte account on your laptop or mobile device.

However, there's no option for a face-to-face meeting with the Byte team. Some people can handle that, while others need to interactive experience e with their treatment.

Since Byte is less than half the Invisalign treatment cost, it's a great option for people previously priced out of the treatment.

Now, Byte offers you the same orthodontic experience and results as Invisalign, at less than half of what you pay with the orthodontic treatment.

Since you're not visiting an orthodontist's office, you don't have the expense of in-office consultations, not to mention the gas and time it takes to drive to their office.

Why Choose Clear Aligners Over Braces?

Clear aligners are the superior choice to braces for anyone that works with people. Most clear aligner companies offer you options for daytime and nighttime solutions. If you're a teenager or work with people, braces are an unattractive way of straightening your teeth.

Many teens get social anxiety from having to wear braces during their high-school years. However, with clear aligners, teens can avoid social stress. By wearing a nighttime aligner system, they can straighten their teeth while they sleep. There's no need to wear the aligner during the day, letting the patient speak and smile freely with others.

Salespeople might also set an adverse first impression with clients if they have to wear braces 24/7. However, with nighttime aligners, they can skip wearing them during the day, allowing them to pitch and answer client questions without limiting their speech with braces.

Overall, clear aligners are a less-permanent solution to conventional braces. The added benefit of the nighttime aligner systems means the patient has more control over their daily life and treatment. You get the same results as braces, and some systems also come with orthodontist-monitored support during your treatment.

What Do Clear Aligners Cost?

Several brands offer you clear aligners. Invisalign is the original clear aligner brand, founded back in the late nineties. While it's the only brand recommended by orthodontists, it also comes with the steepest cost. The average Invisalign treatment can vary between $3,500 to $8,000  or more, depending on the system and the orthodontic consultations involved.

At-home clear aligners are much more affordable than Invisalign. However, most of them don't come with the same level of aftercare as the Invisalign system. With at-home brands, you get a customized aligner set and treatment plan but limited aftercare and support during your treatment.

However, you'll get the same results as Invisalign at a fraction of the price. Most at-home systems work well, with thousands of user reviews showing positive results. The cheapest aligner brand offers you your treatment for under $1,000. The top-of-the-range system is only $2,400 – that's less than half the cost of Invisalign.

Are Clear Aligners Effective?


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