Hello Tend Reviews: The Elite NYC Dental Service

Are you looking for a dentist in New York City? Do you want to try an out-of-this-world dental experience? Hello Tend offers you NYCs premium dental service, with multiple locations in the city.

Our Hello Tend Dentist reviews look at the services offered by this innovative practice. We’ll show you what separated Hello Tend from the competition and why we rate them as the best dental practice in the city.

Hello Tend Dentist Reviews: What Is Hello Tend?

Hello Tend is an NYC-based dentistry company with locations across The Big Apple. Hello Tend operates in select upper-class areas around New York City, providing premium dental and orthodontic services at a reasonable price.

Interestingly, former SmileDirectClub CEO Doug Hudson founded the company after raising $36-million in a deal with OneMedical. Doug’s goal was to make the dental experience more patient-orientated, with a unique experience to other dentist offices.

The company opened its doors in 2019, and it continues to thrive, with intentions to expand in coming years. Hello Tend sets itself apart with its competitive offering, transparent pricing, and professional service.

However, the real game-changer in the Hello Tend model comes in the form of the customer experience. When you step into a Hello Tend practice, you’ll probably find yourself confused about whether you’re at the dentist or a health spa.

Each office has a unique characteristic, but they all come with premium fittings and décor. When you get a cleaning, you sit back and watch a movie on Netflix on a dedicated screen. The audio comes through Beats headphones while the dentist works on your teeth, and you barely notice the tools.

Hello Tend uses the latest innovations in run-quiet dental technology to minimize the typical drilling and grinding sounds associated with a visit to the dentist. Overall, a dental appointment with Hello Tend is in line with any other dental experience available.

What Dental Services Does Hello Tend Offer?

Hello Tend offers you a comprehensive range of dental and orthodontic services from its New York offices. The company specializes in dental exams and general dentistry like cleaning. They also offer orthodontic services like braces, implants, and veneers for correcting and restoring your smile.

Hello Tend also provide cosmetic dentistry services like teeth whitening, and they have emergency dentistry available if you’re in pain. Some of the other services offered by Hello Tend include the following.

  • Fillings
  • Crowns
  • Root canals
  • Implants
  • Bridges
  • Extractions

If you have any dental problems and you in or around NYC, contact Hello Tend and book an appointment.

Where Does Hello Tend Operate?

Hello Tend operates out of New York City. The company has seven locations in Manhattan, with plans to launch in Brooklyn in 2021. Hello Tend also plans to expand into Washington, D.C, and Boston in the coming year.

Some of the current NYC locations include the following.

  • Grand Central, 230 Park Ave.
  • Chelsea, 142 8th Ave.
  • Upper West Side, 2376 Broadway.
  • Wall Street, 63 Wall Street.
  • Flatiron, 29 East 21st St.
  • Williamsburg, 155 N 7th St.
  • Hudson Square, 330 Hudson St.

You can book an appointment at your Hello Tend location of choice, as long as you’re within a reasonable traveling distance from the practice.

What Do Hello Tend Dental Services Cost?

Despite the premium office locations and the outstanding dentistry finishes, Hello Tend is surprisingly reasonable with its pricing model. The company is around 10% to 20% more than your average dental office, but it’s a completely different dental experience and worth the extra money.

Hello Tend Dentist Reviews – What are the Pros and Cons?


  • Professional dental and orthodontic service in NYC.
  • Hello Tend offices have outstanding décor.
  • Breezy Braces are an affordable and effective orthodontic solution.
  • Reasonably priced general dental services.
  • Qualified and experienced dental and orthodontic professionals.
  • Seven locations in NYC and plans to expand in 2021.


  • Only available in NYC.
  • No clear aligner orthodontic solution.

Our Recommendation

Hello Tend is a premium dental experience available in New York City. This company offers you a full range of dental and orthodontic services at affordable prices. In fact, it’s surprising to see how reasonable the service fees are with Hello Tend, especially since they have offices in The Big Apple.

Hello Tend offer you options on general dental services, and they also provide orthodontic services with its flagship “Breezy Braces” product. Overall, the company offers you excellent value for money and professional dental services you can trust.

The standout feature from Hello Tend has to be the companies offices. Each location has a slightly different design theme, but they all have amazing décor. It feels more like you’re going to the sap than the dentist. We rate Hello Tend as a 5-star dental experience.

Hello Tend Dentist Reviews FAQ

Where does Hello Tend operate?

Hello Tend is only available in Manhattan, NYC. The company plans to open locations in Brooklyn, Boston, and Washington D.C. in 2021. Hello Tend is a viable option if you live in New York City or Upstate. If you can make the commute into NYC, then Hello Tend offers you one of the best dental experiences in America.

Does Hello Tend offer clear aligner systems like Invisalign?

No. Hello Tend offers a specialist orthodontic solution called “Breezy Braces.” Breezy Braces are “lingual braces” that sit behind your teeth. No one talking to you can see the hardware, and they have no idea you’re wearing braces. Hello Tend make lingual braces affordable, offering them to you for $5,000. Most orthodontists charge around $13,000 for the same service.

Does Hello Tend work with my health insurance?

Yes, Hello Tend works with dental insurance plans and FSA/HSA accounts, and debit cards. Typically, you’ll need a dental plan attached to your health insurance to receive a contribution from your insurer. If you’re signing up for Breezy Braces, insurance will only cover a part of your treatment, around 50% of the total cost, and you’ll have to cover the balance.

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