Smile Direct Club Australia Review – Is SDC the Best At-Home Teeth Aligner System in Australia?

Smile Direct Club Australia Review: Is this The Best At-Home Teeth Aligner System in Australia?

Are you an Australian with crooked teeth? Wouldn't you love a perfectly straight smile? Smile Direct Club Australia can make your dream a reality with its at-home aligner system.

Our Smile Direct Club Australia review looks at the offering from this international company. We'll examine the pricing and process and recommend whether this is the right aligner system for fixing your teeth.

Smile Direct Club Australia Review – What Is Smile Direct Club?

Smile Direct Club is the leading at-home aligner company in the world. Founded by Alex Fenkell and Jordan Katzman in 2014, SDC has helped over 1-million people restore their smiles. The company has so much success in the US and Europe; they decided to enter the Australian market in 2019.

Smile Direct Club offers you a comprehensive aligner solution for fixing your teeth. According to user reviews, it's as effective as traditional braces and Invisalign at restoring your smile. The company's strong track record means that it has a solid reputation as the leader in the at-home aligner space.

Smile Direct Club Australia Review – How Does SDC Australia Work?

If you want to fix your teeth with SDC Australia, you start by visiting one of the 13 Smile Shop locations in major cities across Australia. During the assessment, the consultant scans your teeth and finalizes your treatment details.

If you can't get to a Smile Shop for assessment, you'll need to order an impression kit online. You use the kit to mold your teeth and send them back to SDC Australia with the return box supplied. If the SDC team approves you for treatment, they ask you to make payment.

You receive your aligners in around six weeks, along with a custom treatment plan. You follow the program's steps, switching out your aligners every two to four weeks for the next in the series. By the time you finish your set, you have a straight smile.

After you conclude your treatment, you'll need to wear retainers to stop your teeth from moving back to the old position. During your treatment, the SDC dental team reaches out to you through the teledentistry platform. You'll get a consultation every 30 to 90-days, depending on your progress.

Smile Direct Club Australia Review – What Does SDC Cost in Australia?

If you want to start with SDC Australia, you'll need to visit a Smile Shop in one of Australia's major cities. The company has 13 locations, with more on the way. The consultant scans your teeth, approving you for treatment.

Alternatively, you can order an impression kit online if you can't get to a Smile Shop for assessment. Impression kits cost AUD$79, with free shipping to your door.

After approval of your treatment, you'll need to settle on selecting the daytime or nighttime aligner system. If you go with the daytime version, you'll pay AUD$2,825 upfront. However, you also have the option of taking your aligners on credit, with a downpayment of AUD$299 and 24-monthly installments of $119. That's a total of AUD$3,155 for your treatment costs when financing your aligners.

Smile Direct Club charges the same price for its nighttime system as the daytime option. However, you might need an additional aligner or two added to your treatment. If that's the case, SDC reaches out to you to confirm your order.

After finishing your treatment, you need to secure your smile in place using retainers. The first set comes free with your aligners. However, you'll need two or three replacements for your aftercare, and each set costs AUD$165.

Smile Direct Club Australia Review – What are the Pros and Cons of SDC Australia?


  • At-home teeth alignment with SDC aligners.

  • No trips to the dentist or orthodontist.

  • You get the same results as Invisalign.

  • Free teeth whitening included.

  • Your first set of retainers come included with your treatment.

  • In-house financing available with no credit check.

  • Smile Shops across Australia offer you free teeth scanning.


  • Limited scanning locations.

  • More expensive than other at-home aligner brands.

  • Slower results than other at-home aligner brands.

Smile Direct Club Australia Review – The Verdict

Smile Direct Club Australia is one of the leading at-home aligner brands in the country. SDC already has the strongest track record of any aligner company, with over 1-million satisfied smiles. The companies move into the Australian market brings you all the benefits of this leading brand to the local market.

While SDC has somewhat favorable pricing and daytime and nighttime aligner systems, we feel it's not the best choice for fixing your teeth. There are other brands out there that offer you more affordable treatment with faster results.

However, if you're looking for a fast and affordable way to fix your teeth, SEDC is a valid option for your treatment.

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