Smile Direct Club vs Candid – What’s the Difference between these At-Home Aligner Systems?

Smile Direct Club vs Candid: In-Depth Teeth Aligner Comparison

Are you thinking about straightening your teeth? We don't blame you; having a mouthful of crooked teeth sure is a confidence killer.

Our review of Smile Direct Club vs Candid looks at these two leading brands in the at-home aligner market.

We'll unpack everything you need to know about the treatment, pricing, and differences between these two brands.

What Does SmileDirectClub Cost?

If you want to take your aligner treatment with Smile Direct Club, you'll need to visit a Smile Shop at a mall in states across America. The Smile Shop attendant gives you a free scan of your teeth and information on your treatment.

If you can't make it to a Smile Shop, you'll need to pay $29 for an impression kit (discounted from $59). After approving your treatment, you'll need to make a one-off payment of $1,950 for the daytime or nighttime system. If you want to take it on credit, you can pay $250 down, with 24-monthly payments of $89.

SDC includes free teeth whitening and free retainers with your treatment. However, you'll need to order extra retainers every six to 12-months, at $99 a set.

Smile Direct Club – What are the Pros and Cons?


  • More affordable than Candid.

  • You get the same results as Candid.


  • No scanning tool included.

  • No advanced orthodontic follow-up.

What does Candid cost?

Candid is the more expensive option for your aligner treatment. It's the most costly at-home treatment.

To start, you have the option of visiting a Candid Studio for a free scan of your teeth. If you can't get to a Candid studio, you can order the impression kit online for $95.

You'll pay $2,400 for your treatment cost. However, Candid includes its unique scanning tool with your purchase, as well as regular appointments with your orthodontist and unlimited text support.

Candid also give you the option of financing your treatment. You can take it for $399 down and 24-monthly payments of $99. Candid also includes free teeth whitening and retainers with your kit.

Candid: Pros and Cons


  • Professional orthodontic aftercare.

  • Scanning tool included with your purchase.


  • More expensive than Smile Direct Club and most other aligner brands.

Smile Direct Club vs Candid: How Do They Work?

Both Smile Direct Club and Candid are at-home teledentistry services promising to fix your teeth. While they both provide the same service, there's a significant difference between the two in terms of aftercare and pricing.

However, both companies use the same process of fixing your teeth. You either pop into a retail shop for a free scan of your teeth or order your impression kit online. After reviewing your impressions or scan data, the company gets back to you with the details of your treatment.

You make your payment and receive your aligners in the mail. The system comes with 24 aligners, and you'll wear each one for up to 22-hours a day. The treatment plan or orthodontist tells you when it's time to move onto the next aligner.

By the time you finish all 24-aligners, you have perfectly straight teeth. You'll use the retainers included with your treatment to hold your new smile in place.

Smile Direct Club vs Candid: Key Differences

The difference between Candid and Smile Direct Club comes in the aftercare and the price. With Smile Direct Club, you're getting a bare-bones deal. That means that they give you a custom treatment plan to follow but limit your aftercare to one consultation every 30 to 90-days, depending on your needs.

In contrast, Candid offers you a much different aftercare experience. With Candid, you get a real orthodontist working with you on your treatment. Smile Direct Club uses a team of dentists and orthodontists to manage your treatment. Therefore, if you're more comfortable with managed care, Candid is the better choice.

Candid includes its scanning device with your aligner kit. You connect the device to your smartphone, following the on-screen prompts to scan your teeth. The orthodontist reviews the data, telling you when to move onto the next aligner.

Candid is for people that want to save on the costs of orthodontic options like Invisalign and braces but still want managed aftercare.

Smile Direct Club vs Candid: Our Recommendation

If we have to pick one company for our aligners, we're going with Candid. Sure, we get that Smile Direct Club is the more affordable option. However, Candid's level of aftercare is far superior. You get access to a dedicated orthodontist during your treatment, while Smile Direct Club relies on a team of dentists and orthodontists.

Candid's aftercare approach makes it the closest at-home option to Invisalign, the gold standard of aligner treatments. Candid's aligners feel like they have higher quality, with a cleaner cut and clear polish to the surface. While you're paying more for Candid, we think it's worth the extra money.

Smile Direct Club vs Candid FAQ


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