SmilePath Review – An Affordable and Effective Aligner Alternative for Australians

SmilePath Review: Is This the Best Teeth Aligner for Australians?

Are you an Australian with crooked teeth? Do you wish you could straighten your smile? If the high cost of orthodontics like braces and Invisalign are holding you back from fixing your teeth, we have good news.

SmilePath launched in 2020, catering to the Australian market. This company has the most affordable aligner product on the market.

Our SmilePath review looks at everything you need to know about this low-cost provider. We'll unpack the performance and pricing of this system. We'll also look at what you can expect in your results and all the accessories included with your purchase.

SmilePath Review – What Is SmilePath?

SmilePath is the Australian sister company of the American aligner brand, Alignerco. The company recently launched in Australia in 2020, and its making shockwaves in the at-home aligner industry. SmilePath's competitive advantage is its low-cost model.

You get the same treatment as leading at-home aligner brands for half the cost. SmilePath is so affordable that anyone can straighten their teeth. Like Alignerco, SmilePath produces high-quality aligners featuring BPA-free plastic.

You wear the aligners for up to 22-hours a day, taking them out to eat and drink. SmilePath offers you the best price point and a range of accessories, including retainers and free teeth whitening. We feel they have the best offer in Australia, and the company will continue to see success in this new market.

SmilePath Review – How Does SmilePath Work

SmilePath is a teledentistry platform providing you with the opportunity to straighten your teeth at home. To start, you can order your impression kit for AUD$55 online through the official company website. When it arrives, follow the instructions to mold your teeth.

Send the impressions back to SmilePath, and they assess you for treatment. If they approve you, you make your payment, and SmilePath builds your aligners, shipping them to your door six weeks later.

You get a customized treatment plan included with your aligner kit. You'll follow the program, swapping between aligners for the next one in the series every two to six weeks, depending on the system you order.

Typically, there are around 24-aligners in a set. By the time you finish with the final aligner in the series, you have straight teeth. To secure your smile in place, SmilePath includes retainers with your kit. You wear the retainers at night for one or two years after finishing with your aligners.

You get the first retainers included with your kit. However, you'll need to order new retainers every six to 12-months, at the cost of AUD$270 per set.

SmilePath is the best alternative to orthodontics like braces and Invisalign. SmilePath aligners can save you around 75% of the costs involved with traditional orthodontic systems.

SmilePath Review – What Does SmilePath Cost?

If you're looking to start with SmilePath, you'll have to choose between the daytime or nighttime system.

If you settle on the daytime system, you'll make a one-off payment of AUD$1,899. If you apply promo code "SAVE400," you get an additional AUD$400 off your treatment cost. This price makes SmilePath the most affordable aligner system available.

If you can't afford the one-off cost of your treatment, SmilePath offers you financing options. You can take your system on credit with SmileFlex, powered by Zip. You make 18-monthly installments of AUD$117, discounted to AUD$84 if you apply the promo code.

You also have a second financing option with SmileFlex Easy. With this payment plan, you make an AUD$295 downpayment, with 12-monthly payments of AUD$150 (discounted to AUD$117 per month using the promo code).

If you decide on the nighttime aligners, you'll pay AUD$1,999 upfront, discounted to AUD$1,599 with the promo code. You also have financing options with zip for 18-monthly installments of AUD$122, discounted to AUD$89 with the promo code.

You can finance in-house with SmileFlex Easy for AUD$299 down and 12-monthly payments of AUD$158, discounted to AUD$142 per month, with the promo code.

Byte Pros and Cons


  • The most affordable aligner system in Australia.

  • You get the same results as leading brands and orthodontics like Invisalign.

  • Clear plastic aligners are see-through and discreet.

  • In-house financing available.

  • Free teeth whitening and retainers.

  • No trips to the orthodontist.

  • Wear times between eight to 22-hours a day.

  • Results in four to 12-months.

  • Flexible payment plans.


  • No orthodontic follow-up during your treatment.

SmilePath Review – The Verdict

SmilePath is possibly the best choice for Australians looking to straighten their teeth. This DIY system has the best price point in the industry, saving you hundreds of dollars on your treatment cost. With SmilePath, you have options for financing, and they include retainers and teeth whitening with your treatment.

You're not going to find a more affordable option in the Australian market. Plus, if you use promo code "SAVE400," you get a further AUD$400 off your treatment price. SmilePath is a top contender for the best at-home aligner system in Australia, with significant savings and excellent results.

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