Alignerco vs Candid – Which Is the Most Affordable Aligner System?

Alignerco vs Candid: Best Teeth Aligner Comparison 2021

Are you looking into a clear aligner solution to straighten your teeth? This review looks at Alignerco vs Candid, two of the leading DIY brands.

Candid and Alignerco are polar opposites of each other in the at-home aligner market. Let's compare each offering and see which one is the best choice for the most affordable at-home aligner system.

Candid Teeth Aligners

If you decide to go with Candid, you're getting the most expensive at-home teeth aligner system. However, that's for a good reason. Candid is the only at-home brand offering you contact with real orthodontists during your treatment.

Most other companies either leave you with a treatment plan or limit follow-up to dental professionals, not orthodontists. With Candid, you have a dedicated orthodontist looking after you. As a result, Candid's treatment is more expensive.

You'll need to start by ordering an impression kit for $95 or visit the Candid Studio for a free scan of your teeth.

You have the option of purchasing Candid for $2,400. If you want to take it on credit with the Candid in-house financing division, you'll pay $399 down, with 24-monthly payments of $99. Candid includes free teeth whitening in your treatment costs, as well as the unique scanning device for your consultations.

Candid: Pros and Cons


  • Free scanning of your teeth at a Candid Studio.

  • Orthodontic-quality aftercare.

  • Specialized scanning device included with treatment.

  • Shorter treatment times than Alignerco.


  • More expensive than Alignerco.

  • Teeth whitening doesn't include a light device.

Alignerco Teeth Aligners

Alignerco is the most affordable clear aligner solution available. Alignerco is just under half the price of Candid. The one-off sticker price for this system is $1,145. However, if you use promo code "SAVE150," you can get a further $150 off your treatment, bringing it to $995.

Alignerco allows you to take the treatment on credit using two options. Affirm will finance your deal for 11-monthly payments of $90. However, they'll complete a credit check on your to see if you qualify., If you want to avoid the credit check, you can finance with SmileFlex Easy, the in-house financing team powered by

The SmileFlex Easy program lets you take your treatment for $275 down and 11 monthly installments of $95. Alignerco also offers you free teeth whitening and free retainers included with your purchase. There's no option for teeth scanning, but impression kits cost $39.99.

Alignerco: Pros and Cons


  • It's the most affordable at-home teeth aligner system.

  • With insurance contributions, you get treatment for less than $500.

  • You get the same results as leading systems like Invisalign.

  • 4.9-star rating on Trustpilot.

  • Nighttime and daytime options.

  • It comes with a light device included with the teeth whitening kit.


  • No orthodontic follow-up.

  • No free scanning of your teeth.

Alignerco vs Candid: Best At-Home Teeth Alignment Comparison

At-home teeth aligner systems are a fantastic alternative to conventional orthodontic treatments like braces. With at-home systems, you order an impression kit online or get a scan of your teeth at a retail outlet.

The company produces your aligners and ships them to your door, along with a custom treatment plan. You'll follow the program, swapping your aligner for the next one in the series every two to four weeks. The aligner pulls your teeth into a straight position. By the time you finish the last one on the set, you have a straight smile!

Alignerco vs Candid: Key Differences

Alignerco and Candid are on opposite ends of the at-home clear aligner market. Alignerco is the most affordable, while Candid has the best aftercare.

With Alignerco, you only get a printed treatment plan and no follow-up with dental professionals. As a result, it's the most affordable system available. However, with Candid, you get access to a real orthodontist during your treatment. This approach makes Candid the best option for orthodontic treatment to Invisalign.

Candid gives you a scanning tool included with your aligner kit. You'll use the tool to take a scan of your teeth so your orthodontist can check on your progress.

Overall, Candid is the top choice for people that want as close to a genuine orthodontic treatment process as possible. Alignerco is the better choice for people where the cost is a concern.

Alignerco vs Candid: Teeth Aligner Recommendation

If we're going to choose a winner between Candid and Alignerco, we're going with Alignerco. Alignerco has the most affordable treatment, and with your insurance contributing, you could end up paying less than $500 for your aligners, retainers, and free teeth whitening.

Sure, you don't get the same aftercare level and follow up as you do with Candid, but that's okay. If you're not bothered with orthodontists checking up on you, then Alignerco is your best choice. You get the same results as you do with Candid, at less than half the cost.

Anyone that's looking for a smile on a budget should consider Alignerco. It's half the price of Candid and 20% of traditional orthodontics' cost like Invisalign or braces.

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