Smile Direct Club Reviews: Does It Really Work?

Having a crooked smile is a confidence killer top say the least. If you flash your smile at someone, you want to make a good impression. Showing a mouthful of crooked or gapped teeth is a turn-off and somewhat embarrassing for you.

Fortunately, there's an affordable solution to your dental problem. Smile Direct Club offers you an at-home smile correction system. All it takes is four to six months with Smile Direct Club, and you'll have a perfectly straight smile.

Is Smile Direct Club the right choice for straightening your teeth? Our Smile Direct Club reviews unpack everything you need to know about this company and its product.


Smile Direct Club Review

Smile Direct Club was one of the first clear aligner treatments.  The Smile Direct Teeth straightening system can bring results in 4-6 months and is 60% cheaper than traditional braces.  Smile Direct Club accepts HSA, FSA, and CareCredit insurance.  


The aligners are extremely high quality with Smile Direct treatment options available at the studios or using an at home impression kit.  


Unlike braces with have treatment times greater than 12 months, Smile Direct Club can bring results in as little as 4 months.  


Smile Direct Club has treatment options that are ~$2,000.  The at-home impression kit is only $49 which is extremely affordable. 

Smile Direct Club Special Offer

Byte is currently offering a discount on its extremely easy at-home impression kit.

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What Is Smile Direct Club?

Smile Direct Club is an at-home smile correction system. That means you never have to take a trip to the dentist or orthodontist's office. If you decide to visit the orthodontist for Invisalign, you'll have to pay for consultation and lab fees.

As a result, the costs of your treatment could be upwards of $7,000. With Smile Direct Club, you get a solution that's like Invisalign, without the managed care from an orthodontist.

The result is a system that produces the same results as Invisalign, but at a fraction of the cost. In case you're wondering if the orthodontic care is worth it, the answer is maybe.

Smile Direct Club is only for use in minor dental problems involving gapping and overcrowding of teeth. If you have severe dental issues, SmileDirectClub can't help you – you'll need to see a dentist.

However, if you have slight overcrowding or an overbite, SmileDirectClub can help you correct your smile and regain your confidence.

How Does SmileDirectClub Work?

To start with SmileDirectClub, you order your impression kit online. Take a mold of your teeth following the guidelines, and send it to SmileDirectClub using the prepaid box included with your package.

If you don't want to dop an impression, visit one of the Smile Direct Club SmileShops. There are SmileShops in malls all over the country, with friendly assistants who scan your teeth. The scanning service is free, and you don't have to pay a cent.

After Smile Direct Club receive your impressions or scan data, the team of orthodontists and dentists check to see if you meet the qualifying criteria for treatment. If approved, you make your payment, and SDC ships you the aligner system around six weeks later.

You start your treatment using the first aligner in the series. Smile Direct Club communicates with you through your official account, telling you when to change aligners. Most candidates take two to three weeks to move through each aligner in the series.

After four to six months, you'll finish your last aligner, and the result is a set of perfectly straight teeth. To cap off your treatment, Smile Direct Club includes retainers to ensure your teeth don't shift back into the old position.

After finishing your Smile Direct Club treatment, you can use your coupon for free teeth whitening. Smile Direct Club has the best LED-teeth-whitening solution available, and it comes included with your aligner system.

How Much Does Smile Direct Club Cost?

If you decide to sign up with Smile Direct Club, you can choose to pay for the system upfront or take it on credit. The upfront cost of Smile Direct Club is $1,950 – with the same price for the daytime and nighttime system.

However, if you want to finance your treatment, you need a downpayment of $250, with 24 monthly payments of $89. Smile Direct Club charges no APR on its financing through the SmilePay division.

If you order an impression kit online, it costs $59. However, Smile Direct Club offers a special promotion on the impression kit for $29 right now.

Smile Direct Club Aligner Pros and Cons


  • At-home teeth alignment, no visits to the orthodontist
  • More affordable than Invisalign or braces
  • Works with insurance companies
  • Financing available
  • Daytime and nighttime solutions
  • Free teeth whitening included


  • No managed orthodontic care in an office
  • More expensive than Alignerco and byte

Smile Direct Club Special Offer

Byte is currently offering a discount on its extremely easy at-home impression kit.

Save 50% off the purchase of your Starter Kit


Smile Direct Club is the leader in at-home teeth straightening solutions. They have a system, and it produces results for the company.

Smile Direct Club might not have the cheapest aligner system or innovative scanning or vibration technology like Candid and Byte.

However, they have a business model and a product that produces results. If you like using products with an established track record, Smile Direct Club is for you.

Overall, we think Smile Direct Club is a great choice for at-home teeth alignment, and the free whitening kit is the best in the industry.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is cheaper, Smile Direct or Invisalign?

Invisalign is a fitted system you receive through a consultation with an orthodontist. The doctor takes impressions of your teeth, using the same tools you get in your Smile Direct Club impression kit.

Is Smile Direct Club safe for my teeth and gums?

Yes. Smile Direct Club works with a team of orthodontists and dentists that design every step of your treatment. Smile Direct Club customizes your aligners based on the impressions or any scan data they receive. 

Therefore, no-one else can use your aligner but you. Smile Direct Club aligners feature construction with BPA-free plastic, and they're entirely safe for your teeth and gums.

Does Smile Direct Club accept health insurance?

Smile Direct Club works with most insurance companies. You can call Smile Direct Club and give them your insurance number to see if your policy qualifies you for orthodontic treatment.

If your insurer contributes to your treatment, you could get the Smile Direct Club system for as little as $445.

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