Invisalign vs. Byte: Compare Teeth Aligners and Key Differences

Are you looking at straightening your teeth this year?

You have a couple of options to get the smile you deserve. You could either visit an orthodontist or use an at-home smile correction system.

In this review of Byte vs Invisalign, we look at the leading orthodontic solution and the best at-home smile correction system.

byte at night clear aligners

Byte vs Invisalign


We recommend Byte given its fast treatment time of 3 months, high quality BPA free clear aligner construction, and top notch customer service.  We also liked the the simple at-home impression kit process that allowed for a very easy order process.  

Invisalign should be the preferred solution for those with extremely severe cases of misalignment that require in-person dental intervention.   

What Is Invisalign?

Invisalign is the only orthodontist-approved teeth aligner solution available. This system provides excellent results comparable to braces. However, it's incredibly expensive.

It might surprise you to learn that the man who invented Invisalign isn't even a dentist. Zia Christi founded the company after earning an Economics and Computer Science degree from Columbia University.

According to Invisalign reviews, it's an incredibly effective smile correction system, providing excellent results. Invisalign received FDA approval in 1998, and its currently registered as a Class II medical device.

Christi left the company in 2002, but Invisalign remains the only orthodontic-approved smile correction system.

Invisalign Pros and Cons


  • Fitting in the orthodontist's chair.
  • Monitoring by your orthodontist during the treatment.
  • Multiple treatment options.


  • Two to three times the cost of Byte.
  • Requires you to visit the orthodontist's office.
  • No nighttime-only option.
  • No HyperByte or similar device.

What Is Byte?

Byte is a newcomer to the smile-correction market, founded in 2017 by Dom Hofmann. Byte doesn't require you to visit an orthodontist for your treatment. Instead, they handle everything remotely.

As a result, you save thousands of dollars on consultation fees during your treatment. According to the thousands of positive reviews on Google and the companies website, Byte provides excellent results comparable with Invisalign.

Byte also introduced the revolutionary HyperByte technology with its system. The HyperByte helps you fit your aligner, providing sonic vibrations that help you get a snug fit.

The HyperByte device can speed up your treatment time, giving you the same results as Invisalign in around half the time.

Byte Pros and Cons


  • More affordable than Invisalign.
  • Faster treatment times than Invisalign.
  • At-home remote dental treatment.
  • Never visit a dentist or orthodontist.
  • High-quality BPA-free medical-grade plastics.
  • HyperByte device included with your purchase.
  • Daytime and nighttime solutions available.
  • In-house financing options.


  • 7.76% APR on financing.
  • You have to take the Byte Protection Plan if you finance your Byte-at-Night system.
  • No fitting in an orthodontists chair,

Byte Cost vs Invisalign Cost

Invisalign is the more expensive option of the two. Most of the costs involved come from the consultation fees involved with visiting your doctor during the treatment process. However, Invisalign offers you five options for your treatment.

Invisalign Full – The most prescribed Invisalign treatment. This option can cost up to $8,000.

Invisalign Lite – The best treatment for moderate alignment issues and costs up to $4,500.

Invisalign i7 – This product offers shorter treatment times for patients with moderate issues and costs up to $4,500.

Invisalign Express – This option includes ten aligner trays and costs around $3,500.

Invisalign Teen – This Invisalign option is expensive and accommodates the needs of teens as they grow. Systems can vary between $6,500 to $8,000.

Byte is the more affordable option. You can take the standard daytime treatment for $1,895 or the Byte-at-Night system for a one-off payment of $2,295.

Unlike Invisalign, Byte offers you in-house financing of your treatment. If you take the daytime aligners on credit, you'll pay a $349 down payment and 29-monthly payments of $83. There's a 7.76% APR on the financing, giving you a total cost of $2,763.

The Byte-at-night system requires a $449 down payment, with 29-monthly payments of $99. With the 7.76% APR, that's a total treatment cost of $3,336.

It's also important to note you'll need to spend $95 on Byte's impression kit. However, Byte does include the HyperByte device and teeth whitening foam in your treatment cost.

Is Byte right for me?

Byte aligners are the best choice for independent individuals that can handle the process of remote dental care. You'll receive access to the Byte dental team during your treatment and interact with them through your Byte account on your laptop or mobile device.

However, there's no option for a face-to-face meeting with the Byte team. Some people can handle that, while others need to interactive experience e with their treatment.

Since Byte is less than half the Invisalign treatment cost, it's a great option for people previously priced out of the treatment.

Now, Byte offers you the same orthodontic experience and results as Invisalign, at less than half of what you pay with the orthodontic treatment.

Since you're not visiting an orthodontist's office, you don't have the expense of in-office consultations, not to mention the gas and time it takes to drive to their office.

Is Invisalign right for me?

If you're fine with playing twice the cost of Byte for your aligner treatment, Invisalign is the best choice. With Invisalign, you get fitment and checkups in the orthodontist's chair.

Your doctor monitors the process, telling you when it's time to move onto the next aligner.

However, Byte offers you the same experience, except it's through your smart device or laptop, instead of in your doctor's office.

Can I Claim on My Insurance for My Treatment?

Both Invisalign and Byte allow you to claim on your insurance for your treatment. However, you'll need to check your policy to see if you qualify for cover in most cases. Call your insurer and ask if your policy covers treatments with the D:8090 orthodontic code.

If you qualify, you could save up to 70% on your treatment, dramatically reducing the cost. Both Byte and Invisalign work with FSA/HSA accounts. With Byte, you can use your FSA/HSA debit card or claim back your reimbursement using your receipt.

Byte also assists you with compiling the forms for your insurance and FSA/HSA accounts. Invisalign might not offer this service, depending on your orthodontist.

Our Recommendation

Deciding on the right smile correction system is a personal choice. If you prefer visiting your orthodontist for checkups over the convenience of doing it at home through your mobile device, that's okay. Some people need face-to-face interaction with their doctor in their office.

However, if you can handle remote care and better results than Invisalign, we recommend going with Byte. Byte is a third of the Invisalign system's cost, with more value included in your purchase.

The unique HyperByte device fast-tracks your progress, allowing you to finish your treatment faster than with Invisalign.

According to Byte reviews, the daytime aligners are every bit as effective as Invisalign retainers. It makes sense to go with the most affordable alternative providing the best results – and Byte is that option.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Byte better than Invisalign?

We feel Byte offers faster results than Invisalign. The HyperByte device included with your purchase helps accelerate your progress, allowing you to move through your aligners faster than Invisalign. Byte is comparable with the Invisalign "Full" system, which retails for up to $8,000. 

Are Byte aligners good? 

Yes, Byte aligners feature medical-grade BPA-free plastics with laser-trimmed edges for user comfort. They offer the same polymer science found in the leading orthodontic brands like Invisalign. Considering the cost of Byte is less than half of what you pay for Invisalign, it's a great deal.

How long do I have to wear Byte aligners?

Byte aligners require you to wear them for 22-hours each day. Invisalign has the same daily treatment schedule. Using these day time systems, you can expect treatment times of 3 to 4-months for Byte and 6 to 12-months for Invisalign. The HyperByte device included with the Byte system radically reduces treatment time.

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