Byte vs WonderSmile – Which Is the Best At-Home Clear Aligner System?

Do you feel like your confidence wanes when you look at your crooked smile in the mirror? We don't blame you. Your teeth are instrumental in setting your first impression with people. If you have crooked teeth, it will cause a negative reaction to you when meeting new people in your life.

It's time to reclaim your smile with at-home aligner systems. Our review of Byte vs WonderSmile looks at these to top competitors in the Australian market.

Byte: What Does it Cost?

Starting with Byte requires you to order an impression kit online for AUD$95. If they accept you for treatment, you'll make a payment of AUD$2,749 for the daytime system or AUD$3,339 for the Byte-at-Night.

You get financing for both options. The Daytime system requires an AUD$250 downpayment, with 24-monthly payments of AUD$114. You'll also have to pay an AUD440 account fee and an AUD$8 monthly account management fee, bringing the treatment total to AUD$2,981.

Byte includes the HyperByte device and free teeth whitening with your treatment.

Pros and Cons of Byte


  • Fast treatment times thanks to the HyperByte device.

  • Free retainers included.

  • Free teeth whitening included.

  • Better follow-up and aftercare than Byte.


  • Slightly more expensive than WonderSmile.

WonderSmile: What Does It Cost?

WonderSmile also offers you two options in a daytime and nighttime aligner system. If you go with either system, you can book a free scan of your teeth and the WonderSmile Clinic near you. If you live too far from a clinic, you can order your impression kit online, included in the cost of your treatment.

If you choose the daytime aligners, you'll make a single payment of AUD$2,690. The nighttime aligners retail for AUD$2,760. You get financing options for both deals. With the daytime and nighttime aligners, you'll pay a 20% deposit and choose your repayment terms up to 12-months.

There are no forms to fill and no credit checks when applying for finance with WonderSmile. However, WonderSmile doesn't include a HyperByte or similar device, they don't give you free retainers, and you don't get any whitening treatment included with your purchase.

WonderSmile Pros and Cons


  • Affordable teeth aligners.

  • Same results as Byte and Invisalign.

  • Australian-based company.


  • No teeth whitening.

  • No HyperByte device.

  • Retainers sold separately.

Byte vs WonderSmile: What are Clear Aligners?

Clear aligner systems are a revolution in orthodontics. Typically, you would have to visit the orthodontist for braces or Invisalign. These systems can cost anywhere between $6,500 to $10,000, depending on the treatment required.

In contrast, clear aligners offer you a significant saving on the costs of straightening your teeth. Since you don't deal with an orthodontist, you don't pay any consulting fees. Therefore, you save thousands of dollars on your treatment, and you get the same results.

Byte vs WonderSmile: How Do They Work?

At-home clear aligner systems are an entirely remote process handled through a teledentistry platform. Unlike traditional orthodontics like braces and Invisalign, you never have to visit the doctor's office. Instead, you control your treatment remotely, from the comfort of home.

You start by ordering an impression kit or visiting one of the WonderSmile Clinics for a free scan of your teeth. If the company accepts you for treatment, they wait for your payment to clear and start building your aligners.

You'll receive your aligners six weeks later, along with a custom treatment plan designed just for you. You follow the program, with the dental team checking in on your progress every 30 to 90-days. After you finish the treatment, you have a straight smile. You'll use retainers for the next few years to secure your new smile in place.

Byte vs WonderSmile: What's the Difference?

The difference between WonderSmile and Byte is considerable. While it might seem like WonderSmile is the least expensive option, it doesn't work out that way. If you have to pay for your retainers and teeth whitening, the costs work out to about the same as Byte. However, we'll chat more on the pricing in a minute; for now, let's focus on the performance difference.

Byte includes the HyperByte device with your treatment. You use the HyperByte when fitting your aligners. The device emits low-level sonic pulses that force the aligner into the tightest position possible. As a result of the superior fitment, you can expect faster treatment times than WonderSmile.

Byte vs WonderSmile: The Verdict

After reviewing Byte and WonderSmile, we have to go with Byte as the best choice for Australians wanting to fix their teeth. Byte is slightly more expensive than WonderSmile. However, you get plenty of added value with your purchase.

Byte offers you free teeth whitening, free retainers, and the HyperByte device; all included in your treatment package. While WonderSmile might have a more affordable upfront cost, they don't offer the same level of accessories to complement your treatment.

If you want to purchase teeth whitening and retainers, it's going to cost you nearly $200 for both. That reduces the gap between the price points of Byte and WonderSmile, making the Byte offer seem a lot more competitive.

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